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Dec 8, 2012 10:00am EST
needed. and so, i am truly delighted that the john p. murtha cancer center will stand as a monument to his legacy and to his commitment to our armed forces. these centers provide extraordinary physical care for our military family. but here at walter reed you also understand the importance of caring for emotional health as well. together, military medical personnel, and military families are raising awareness about those hidden wounds of war, that i talked about, particularly mental health. yet, as we know all too well, the historic rate of suicide within the military continues to haunt us. suicide is one of those great and terrible challenges to the health of our force, and one of the greatest challenges we face as a nation, not just a problem that's affecting men and women in uniform, it's affecting society, and it's reflected obviously in our men and women in uniform. our greatest challenge is identifying those who need our help. how do we identify those that are facing this kind of terrible crisis? i know that all of you have not, and will not rest until there is a lifeline for
Dec 8, 2012 2:00pm EST
tradition of the national christmas tree started in 1923 with calvin coolidge. house speaker john boehner joins the lighting of the capitol christmas tree. this year's tree is from the colorado white river national forest. watch both ceremonies tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on c- span. >> we have had these explosions of knowledge in medicine, but we have not coordinated care, and all the services that we had end up having so many cracks that the cracks are as harmful as the diseases that we are treating, and you have got to step back and ask, you know, "are we hurting people overall on a global level? what are we doing sometimes?" now we have these reports saying 30% of everything we do may not be necessary in health care. when we step back, 30% of the medications we prescribe, the tests we order, the procedures -- this is something, i think, which is for the first time really being called out as a problem. >> dysfunction in the u.s. health-care industry. dr. marty makary on what hospitals will not tell you, tonight it 10:00 -- at 10:00. >> the supreme court will look at what
Dec 9, 2012 10:30am EST
you for the thoughtful works going in that. >> i can tell you i know mrs. o'malley, judge john malley, she will not care if you keep calling. -- judge o'malley. she would say yes. first of all, you are a creative administrator. i will not prolong my generosity in having you participate here. it is my hope in my community affected that we would think it's not only a bridge during very hard times but also how we work from economic development. i invite you as you are assessing not what the governors are submitting that he would consider visiting us to look at what this is so we can not only respond we can also lay the groundwork for reform to be able to really help our communities that are so hard hit but are so terrific. >> and thank you, senator mikulski. senator murray. >> . thank you for the tremendous work on this critical issue. i am not from a state impacted by this hurricane, but as an american, we ought to come together. we need to learn from this and do some of things that are really important. as chairman of the subcommittee, i want to make sure that we use these house
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3